"It's relentless passion for what I do, that get's me up each day."
Founder - Dan Lindley

The addition to our rotating manufacturing facility.

Peak Lighting was spawned in May 2007. We expanded our automotive rotating manufacturing facility, expanding the company and investing in HID technology. Peak Lighting worked in direct conjunction with major lighting system companies around the world to produce the first 230mm HID driving, which is still sold today.

Mining and Heavy Industrial, the start of heavy duty LED technology.

Peak Lighting launched into the Mining and Industrial sector with heavy duty fixed and mobile plant lighting solutions. With high output LED in its infancy, only a handful of manufacturers capable of produce robust LED products. Peak Lighting invested heavily in this sector, obtaining numerous certificates and winning over major contracts.

Advanced System Design

Late 2009 Peak Lighting began tooling LED lamps for greater opportunities. With increased demand around the world for lighting system design, Peak developed software to simulate light projection patterns. Peak was contracted to design luminous flux plans to comply with safety compliance for major mining corporations.

Scale up

The massive increase in demand for bespoke solutions created opportunity and diversification in the heavy industrial sector. Peak had developed an internationally renowned name for robusticity and reliability, leading to the massive scale up as we consulted to over 30 major mining corporations. Peak was finding solutions for major lighting needs.

Peak Lighting goes wholesale.

Peak Lighting joins tens of thousands of automotive businesses in Australia and New Zealand. Offering heavy duty lighting solutions to fleet vehicles, services vehicles, and consumers bought new opportunities.

Dominating with the Dominator

40kg and 600w of pure power. We understood the demand for large-scale fixed plant lighting, and so the Dominator was born. Unlike anything else on the market, the Dominator was designed to run continuously for 80,000 hours in the most extreme environments around the world. Uniquely developed 4 thermal management allowed the Dominator range to continuously provide light, no matter the circumstances. Peak changed the way major mining and industrial corporations operate throughout the night, with productivity and safety skyrocketing.

10,000 products sold

Peak Lighting celebrates the milestone of its ten thousandth product sold internationally.

Research and Development

In 2014, Peak Lighting partnered with SMU Racing in the Australian Off-Road Championships. Eager to produce high performance dedicated driving bars, we thought motorsport would be a nice fit. SMU Racing was testing the newly developed Viper and Cobra LED driving bar before it went to market. Without surprise Matt Hansen ran the competition faster ever recorded time for the night stage, placing the lights as the catalyst for his record-breaking time.

The launch of the game changer

The WorkMate 24w & 40w was launched to the world in Early 2012. Robust, affordable and reliable, the WorkMate was a huge global success. Multiple models and the acquisition of a plethora of certificates, the WorkMate was a competitively priced solution that solved big problems. Peak Lighting was creating solutions, once again.

Exploring with the Xplorer

The first dedicated LED Driving Light, the Xplorer. Stemmed from the Blaster 100w which were used as mining work lamps, the Xplorer proved to be a huge success for the transport industry. State of the art technology saw more performance, for longer in the most treacherous terrain around the globe.

The birth of Livid Lighting

Late 2013 we launched Livid Lighting, the bespoke consumer range. Livid was designed to offer the transport and consumer industry reliable auxiliary vehicle solutions. The idea was to build the Livid range of products to the specification of our mining products. Offering an affordable solution that's extremely robust and reliable promptly gain the attention of multiple major companies around the world. Livid was born.

EV Mining

The release of the ultra-powerful Hornet bar aligned with surging demand of EV mining vehicles. Uniquely designed, the Hornet is the smallest, most efficient lightbar Peak ever produced. It wasn't long before the Hornet was fitted OE on many of the EV in international mine sites. The Hornet is still produced to this date, with no rivalry.

Original Equipment

With an outstanding record of innovation and reliability, Peak was engaged to design and manufacture lighting solutions for large plant and machinery corporations around the world. From field service vehicles to drag lines, there is a high chance you've walked past a Peak lamp without knowing.

Livid Launch the HyperDrive

April 2015, Livid launched the first generation HyperDrive. Uniquely designed, the HyperDrive quickly grabbed the attention of many consumers and businesses. The HyperDrive founded the now world-class LED driving light, the HyperDrive Mk2.

Las Vegas Mining Show

September 2017 Peak Lighting exhibited at the Las Vegas Mining Show, with a plethora of attention. Gaining more traction within the ever booming recourse and commodity sector, providing clients with tailored lighting solutions. Peak continues to secure contracts and provide reliable lighting solutions across the globe.

Peak Lighting offically join Livid Lighting

For the first time in 10 years of operation, Peak and Livid combine their experience and knowledge and combine forces officially in May 2017. A restructure of the company invites the Peak heritage into the Consumer space with the launch of Livid's Mk2 range shortly after.

Livid launch the start of the Mk2 range

Mid-June 2017, Livid rocks the lighting world with the launch of the HyperDrive Mk2. Featuring the first ever LED lamp to have application-specific TIR lenses, providing 30% more light than its predecessor whilst drawing 35% less power. Livid broke international waters in less than 3 weeks with this release.

11 years down, an infinite amount to come.